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Special Newsletter – We need your comments

Special Newsletter

Atchison  Farmers’ Market

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We need your help as a Farmers’ Market customer!  Please respond by Thursday, June 29, or email me directly (

Farmers’ Market board members just met with Trey Cocking, Atchison City Manager, and Clinton McNemee, Deputy Public Works Director.  The City is applying for a STAR BOND, one project of which would enable the City to build a permanent covering for the Farmers’ Market area.  This would allow farmer/vendors and you, our customers, to be out of the hot sun and rain.  It could also be used for other community events – art shows, car shows, flea markets, and much more.

Mr. Cocking needs information to present to the Department of Commerce.  Would you help us by providing the following:

  • What is your zip code? __________


  • How often do you come to the market? Wednesdays ______  Saturdays _______


  • Any other comments related to the Farmers’ Market.


The Atchison Farmers’ Market is always trying to improve our service to the community and provide a connection between our farm and city families.  We appreciate your assistance.

1 thought on “Special Newsletter – We need your comments”

  1. Zip code 64484
    We go to the market on Saturdays
    This is a great market and we support this project to build a permanent covering.


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