L & R Farms

Located in the rich soils of the Missouri River bottoms, L & R FARMS is a third and fourth generation family-owned and operated business, developed for local produce production and marketing.l_img_0570-L&RFarm

Over the past few years, we have added 6 high tunnels to our operation, extending the growing season of our specialty crops. We, as a culture, have been dependent on sustainable agriculture to feed our families. Therefore, we are dedicated in our mission to provide a wide variety of top quality, fresh, locally grown produce to help meet the needs of our community.

L&R Contact Information:

Business Name:  L & R Farms

Contact Name:  Monie Frakes

Email: monie.frakes@gmail.com

Telephone:  816-390-7453

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Photos of Our Farm & Sampling of Some of Our Quality Produce