Interbrook Ridge Farm

Interbrook Ridge

Since 2014, Interbrook Ridge Farm has been cultivating fruits, nuts and vegetables, grown in the rich, black Grundy Silty Clay Loam soil of Center Township, Atchison County!

We offer vegetables from asparagus, broccoli and cilantro to celery, spinach and squash and everything in between. Nuts include: Pecans, American hazelnuts, English walnuts & American chestnuts. Fruits include: Blueberries, juneberries, raspberries, apples, apricots, cherries, peaches, pears, plums & paw paws. We use minimal to no chemical inputs.

In addition to cultivated good, LOCAL, homegrown food, we also bake such items as apple cake made with our own apples, zucchini bread, corn chips, flour tortillas, peanut butter, various fruit jams & jellies from homegrown fruit, and Mexican sugar cookies.

Interbrook Ridge Farm looks forward to being your local supplier of farm fresh food and specialty baked/homemade goods. Feel free to suggest other produce or baked goods you’d like to see us grow/make. We appreciate your feedback and your loyal patronage!

We are at the Market every Saturday. See you at the Market!