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“Water with Blessings” at the Market

In addition to the Apple Bus company recruiting for bus drivers, the Market is offering the Benedictine Student International Business Council the opportunity to explain the program they are sponsoring. It is “Water with Blessings”.

In 2006 a group of people realized that many illnesses were caused by polluted water and began looking for an inexpensive way to bringing clean water to a marginal neighborhood of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  A chance encounter at a 2007 mission conference led to the Sawyer PointONE water filtration system.

The idea was simple: put state of the art water filters into the hands of mothers and train them to provide clean water, not just for their own families, but for others in the community as well. Passionate about health for their children, dedicated, determined, and generous in spirit, these “Water Women” became our “state of the heart” solution.

The students will be showing how this simple water filter works. Water with Blessings is currently helping those in need of clean water in Haiti, Honduras, Uganda, the Phillipines, and, in the U.S., the Navajo Nation. They will accept donations for the project for anyone interested in the project.

Of course, the Market will be featuring our usual vendors with an abundance of produce, baked goods and other homemade items. Come by and say hello to your local Market friends!

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