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Sample Curbside Order: start to finish

It is Friday at 8AM. You get an email from AFM listing vendors and their products that will be available at Saturday’s Market.

  1. Vendor A will have lettuce, spinach, peas. His contact is to text: 877-456-7890 to place an order for curbside.

2. Vendor B will have fruit pies, cinnamon rolls, and jams. Her contact is email: to place an order.

3. Vendor C will have coffee and donuts. This vendor is not participating in Curbside.

You decide to pre-order spinach and peas from Vendor A. You want 2 bunches of spinach and 1 pint of peas. So you text him your order (be specific) at 10 AM. (Remember you must notify the vendor BEFORE noon of the day you get the email).

Vendor A gets your text at 10:05AM with your order. He know he will have these items for you tomorrow between 10-11AM. He texts you back by 8PM that evening telling you that he has what you want in the amounts you requested. He also tells you what you will need to pay.

It is 10AM on Saturday at the Market. You arrive at Vendor A’s location, park along Main Street, just in front of his vehicle. You know you are in the right place because you used the vendor map provided in the email. You text him to let him know you are ready for your Curbside Pick-up. He finishes with a customer then gets your order and brings it to you. Because you are a good customer, you have exactly the right combination of vouchers, tokens, money needed. Some vendors have their own card readers for credit/debit cards.

You have your product, the vendor has been paid and has gone back to help other customers.

So what can go wrong?

  1. You don’t pre-order before noon.
  2. You don’t arrive to pick-up your order in the SPECIFIC TIME indicated.
  3. You don’t have proper payment.

What if you want to pre-order from 2 vendors?

Just repeat the process with Vendor B. Two pre-orders before noon, two vendor return emails by 8PM, two pick-ups at the designated time.

Good luck! Remember you can shop like always, too.

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