Market News

Atchison Jazz Express to Play at the Market from 10-11:30, Saturday, August 17th.

The Atchison Jazz Express helped us open the Market for the 2018 season. This Saturday, August 17, 2019, they will again play for us in the central area under the viaduct. Their Big Band sound is a call to toe-tapping and smiles for all listeners. But they have a mission: “To stimulate, promote, and develop the interest in live performing musical arts, particularly jazz/swing music, in the Atchison, KS area.” They accomplish their mission “through hosting free public concerts and funding college scholarships to students who include music in their studies.”

This is where YOU, our Market patrons and visitors, come in. You will be entertained and have an opportunity to contribute to their mission. Neil Wieland will tell you about the thousands of dollars they have raised for scholarships since 2011 when they were founded. The figure is impressive and so is the music! So plan ahead: bring lawn chairs and some dollars to donate to the Atchison Jazz Express.

Oh, and also spend some money at the Market. We are so proud of our local talent in ALL categories!

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