Mexican Street Corn (AKA Elotes)

Today, at the Market, I demonstrated and served samples of Mexican Street Corn, about 11 ears with this recipe. I tried a “deconstructed” version of Street Corn last season but today’s version seemed to be much more popular. And it is another way to serve corn when it is so fresh and sweet. Our Market vendors who grow corn brought their first “harvest” to the Market on Wednesday and they both sold out today. Corn season is on!

My husband, Dan, was the griller because I deliberately do not learn how to do it. He agreed to help but he also reminded me of all the things he wasn’t going to get to do because he was grilling for me. He brought his oldest, most banged up Weber to the Market for the corn grilling process. He sprayed the grill with canola cooking spray, got the charcoal briquets white hot, then put the shucked corn on the hot grill. He covered the grill with the lid and roasted the ears for a total of about 10 minutes. HOWEVER, he lifted the lid often to check for browning and to turn the ears for equal cooking. This process causes the sugars in the corn to caramelize to their most deliciousness. The kernels darken in color and start to look shiny and clearer when they are done.

The Recipe once the corn is grilled:

3 Tb Mayonnaise AND 3 Tb sour cream AND 1 Tb lime juice: mix well and brush each ear with this mixture using a pastry brush. Not too thick but enough to cause dry ingredients to stick to the corn. I used Hellman’s LIght Mayo and full fat sour cream.

Roll corn in mixture of :

1/2 cup Parmesan cheese in the green can (or Mexican Cotija cheese if you can find it) AND 1 tsp chili powder (more or less to suit your taste) AND dash of salt and pepper and a hand full of chopped fresh cilantro. Bump it up a bit with dash of cayenne pepper and a shake of cumin. I love cumin but didn’t use it today. ENJOY!

I started with the recipe I found at Thank you Danelle

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