Market News

Who Am I?

I am a Market Customer and have been since it opened in 1999.  Like you, I enjoy cooking and sometimes gardening.  I will always try something new to eat, whether it is dragon fruit (absolutely gorgeous but ho-hum sweet taste) (image by Helga Kattinger from Pixabay),

dragon fruuit.jpgbatter-fried dandelion flowers and dandelion leave salad, or kangaroo (yes, I tried it and it is like wild duck breast).  I even went to a Bug Fair in California and tried a snack mix with crickets and mealy worms in a brownie.  I can prove it but will not likely repeat it.

For me a trip the Farmers’ Market is an adventure; again I look for items I don’t know:  a cup of hot Italian Lavazza coffee is rich and flavorful at Two Hungry Lads.  I had to try kohlrabi at L&R Farms.  It’s a strange-looking green veggie with 4-5 leave stem sites sticking out of it.  Looks like a space alien.  I peeled it (tough skin!) then chunked it, then roasted it with olive oil and salt and pepper then ate it all!  I also cut it in slices and ate like celery or carrot stick with salt.  Really crunchy when raw, nutty when roasted.  Who knew???  Last year, Interbrook Ridge Farm suggested we eat purslane, a common weed in gardens.  I tried it in a salad; it’s kind of tart so goes well with vinegar or lemon-based dressings but it is not a favorite. Garlic scapes (Longview Farm) look like long leaves but have a garlic taste that makes a great spread for French bread or pasta when olive oil and Parmesan cheese is pureed with it.

Then there is eggplant.  I so want to like eggplant; it is so pretty whether it is long and skinny or round and plump.  I have made Eggplant Parmesan, Roasted Eggplant Salad, Baba Ganouj, Eggplant Fritata, Thai Green Curry, and last year at our Kids’ Cooking School, Eggplant Veggie Burger.

My trip to the Market frequently strikes terror in the hearts of my husband and daughter.  I have made pizza using cauliflower and cheese as the crust.  I have made pumpkin ice cream.  I have made sweet potato pancakes.

What am I telling you?  Go to the Market and try something new.  Our vendors often can tell you how to use one or more of their products and frequently have recipes to give you.  Share your experiences and recipes.

Until next time,  Janean Bowen, Foodie

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