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Featured Specialty Crop – Yellow Wax Beans

Yellow Wax Beans Facts & Trivia

The original version of this particular bean grew in the tropical climate of Central and South America. “Wax” has become a common term and is used in referring to any yellow bean whether it is waxy or not. True wax bean types actually do have a waxy texture and feel.

Why are Yellow Wax Beans So Good For You?

Low in sodium, practically fat-free and cholesterol-free, yellow wax beans provide a good source of vitamin C, iron and immunity-boosting folate. One-half cup cooked beans contains about 22 calories. Eating five daily servings of vegetables and fruits lowers the chances of cancer.

What does it look/taste like?

An heirloom variety that is the color of a pale sun with a snappy and extremely succulent texture and very sweet of-the-earth flavor. Yellow wax beans are slender, long and uniform in shape. Varying from light to deep yellow, this wax bean has a thinner, velvety skin and a more subtle flavor than the common green bean.

How do you eat it?

  • Offering excellent taste and a crisp texture, this bean is ideal for stir-fries, soups, stews and casseroles.
  • Steam, braise, bake, sauté or microwave.
  • Cook and chill colorful yellow wax beans for a tasty addition to a variety of salads or enjoy simply as a snack.
  • Sauté gently in olive oil; add favorite mushrooms and onion; sprinkle with seasonings for a healthy side dish.
  • Blend cooked beans with olive oil, chives, fresh herbs of choice and salt and pepper; add saffron pieces to enhance yellow color.
  • Bean flavor is not affected by brownish spots.
  • Top hot steamed yellow wax beans with butter to bring out their naturally good light and mellow flavor.
  • Whatever cooking method chosen, cook fresh beans as little as possible to maintain texture.
  • For extended enjoyment throughout the year, can or pickle blanched beans with spunky spices.
  • To store, wrap in plastic; refrigerate in crisper drawer.
  • Use within one week for optimum quality, color and flavor.
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