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Tired of Gray Skies, Think about the Summer Market

A belated Happy New Year!

Do you know of anyone who would like to play (and have a tip jar) at the Market?  We need to find musicians.  Music makes the Market so much fun!
The Atchison Farmers’ Market has been making plans for the season, not only for Market days, but with community events.  Here is what we have so far:
Saturday, April 29, AFM organization presence at Open Air Art Fair
Saturday, May 20, Opening Day of our 18th Season  (Sometimes vendors may come before opening day, if their crops begin early.)
Saturday, June 3, Juneteenth Committee and “Versatiles” jazz band at the Market
Saturday, June 10, “Rise and Shine with Eggs Festival” and recipe contest
Saturday, July 8, “Tortilla Grande Festival”  featuring Gilbert Gasper, the “Tortilla Man”, recipes available
Saturday, August 12, “Tooty Fruity Pancake Festival” with favorite fruit topping contest
Saturday, September 9, “The Zucchini 500 Race” and recipe contest  (Kids will be able to buy wheels and design their own zucchini racer and enter it in a race)
Final market day – Saturday, October 28th
We are tentatively planning a pre-Thanksgiving indoor one-day market.  We’ll keep you posted on how plans progress.

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